Our Beginnings

Be in the Business of Better

Better for You, Better for the Planet, Better for franchises.

Not long ago, I was just like you. Smart, savvy, and tired of working hard for someone else’s benefit. I spent 10 years in the traditional restaurant business and knew the hard work I was doing could be made simpler with a system, made more enjoyable and less complicated, and better fit my lifestyle. My dream was to be able to put my experience to work in an easy and fun restaurant concept and support my family doing something I love. Acai Express is that.

I’ve always been an active guy who loved surfing and perfecting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in my native Puerto Rico,

... but finding healthy and delicious food on the go and at the beach was a challenge. So, I started selling my own homemade organic super food bowls and smoothies. I used only the freshest ingredients and the centerpiece of all my creations was the 100% Organic Grade A Acai Berry, a rich anti-oxidant stone fruit that grows on trees in the Amazon river basin. I just knew then that it was packed with flavor and goodness, but today the acai berry is considered a benefit to all kinds of health and well-being: cognition, heart health, aging, and weight loss.

My acai-based menu got so popular, I started adding to the menu and selling out of my own food truck. When the number of my trucks went from one to thirteen and were located throughout Puerto Rico, I knew I had a business concept that small business owners anywhere could use. And, one that could marry an active lifestyle and career with an appreciation of honest, organic and nutrient rich foods. That’s the best part of Acai Express for me. I was able to be successful on my terms without sacrificing my intrinsic values."

Join the Family

When you become a member of the Acai Express family, even though our system is simple and easy to follow, you’ll work one-on-one with me and my team of franchisees and employees to ensure your success. We’re not some faceless corporate giant, we are the guys who get it done, and like you, are committed to success. Because your success is our success. You’ll also benefit from our hard won knowledge of what works, how to market and what consumers want. And, you’ll be part of a healthy lifestyle movement that has quickly gone from trend to established consumer demand.

You will also learn the importance of giving back and protecting agricultural heritage. As entrepreneurs, we are all about turning our passion into profits, but we also have a larger mission to do good while doing well. At Acai Express, we support local farmers and get our berries direct from growers in the Amazon river basin, thereby helping to conserve the Brazilian rain forest and its natural resources.

If I Can Do It, So Can You

Every successful franchise has three factors that I believe determine its success:

Ability to follow a plan

Personal passion

Wherewithal to capitalize on a great idea

The Acai Express concept already provides two of these three factors: a turnkey system (or plan) that doesn’t require business or food service experience, and a great idea that leverages a national interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle -- a movement that is only going to grow in the future. It’s up to each carefully selected franchisee to supply their own drive and determination. We feel confident that you’ll be as excited about the Acai Express concept as we are, and more importantly, as millions of happy customers already are.